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Our purpose

Age Concern Glenrothes was formed in 1964. We are a charity mainly funded by Fife Council and NHS Fife. Our remit is to provide an Active Ageing Service in line with Fife Council's Active Ageing Day Service Model.

Active Ageing is defined by Fife Council as continuing participation in social, economic, cultural, spiritual and civic affairs. Older people who are retired, ill or live with disabilities can remain active contributors to their families, peers and communities. Active Ageing aims to extend healthy life expectancy and quality of life.

In line with the Active Ageing Day Service Model, our criteria for allocating places to older people is to meet the needs of those who are isolated, at risk of physical and mental decline, and showing signs of vulnerability. Placements are subject to regular review and care planning. The Model also takes into account requirements for individuals who have early stage dementia.

In addition, Age Concern Glenrothes operates two sessions, called The Iris Group, for older people who have moderate dementia and require additional support.

At present we operate 7 Day Centre sessions Monday to Friday in Glenrothes, consisting of 5 Active Ageing Sessions and 2 Dementia Sessions, covering around 110 placements. We charge a nominal fee for these sessions which includes transport and a nutritious meal.

We hold the Active Ageing sessions at our head office in Scott Road and St Margaret's Church and generally you will attend the session closest to your home. Both Iris Group sessions are held at our Scott Road Centre.

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